How do you determine someone's success in life?

How do you determine someone’s success in life?

Everyone wishes for success. We all try to learn from others’ successful lives. Here we have to ask questions. What criteria do we consider successful? This standard varies from person to person.

Even so, it can be found that there are common parts. What people usually regard the most as a criterion of success is money. When you are economically wealthy, most people agree that you have a successful life. No matter how honorable and famous you are, people don’t think of your life as a successful life without money.

Can money really be a successful standard of living? Even if you have a lot of money, you may think you are unhappy. Perhaps this criterion is determined by the magnitude of human desire. If human desires are extreme, it will not be a successful life. On the contrary, if human desire is within acceptable range, it can be said that life is close to a successful life.

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