I don't think I'm a genius - YoungHoon Kim

I don’t think I’m a genius.

There’s one reason I don’t consider myself a genius. Because having a high IQ doesn’t make me a genius.

To be considered as a genius, one must accomplish great things that advance humanity like Einstein. All the geniuses we know are like that.

However, why did a culture of geniuses arise when the IQ is high? If we look at the concept of IQ, then we can see why people have such a misunderstanding.

IQ is just a tool to measure intellectual “potential”. Therefore, it is expected that high IQ will produce intellectual achievements in the “future”.

There are many different types of intellectual performance. It ranges from academic achievements to achievements that win prestigious awards in academia.

Of course, it is true that high IQ results can be achieved in the high IQ world. It could also be an intellectual achievement. Solving IQ problems also requires high-level mental activity. The intellectual stimulation felt in the process inspires people to have a spirit of challenge.

I hope that high IQ activities will also be a healthy mental sport.


the gifted are the geniuses of this century, the concept of genius has changed

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Are there any geniuses you respect?

respect to all the ancient geniuses or from other times too: aristotle, newton, einstein, kant, darwin, etc…

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I have been reading about Elon Musk recently. Given what I have learned about him, I would say that I respect him.

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