Is there an android Mobil app for this?

When I joined, an app download option popped up, but I haven’t been able to find it since. Does anyone know if there is an app up and running? If there is, would anyone be willing to walk me through how to find it? Pretty please?!?

Is there a member counter so that I can brag about being member number so&so? I want to know how many geniuses there are in our world before the ‘algorithms that be’ settled on an average, everyday normal guy like me… However, I do have a great memory. I’m not very forgetfull…

By the way, is there an app or something similar to this forum in the Google play store or on a trustworthy website? Please and thank you to anyone that knows the answer to either question.

Lastly, did anyone else get 40 on the picture where we needed to count how many squares we saw in an image posted by … someone, and I forgot what day the post was from, but I’ll look it back up to see.

Nice to meet you all! This is already a livelier group of posts than the Mind Society, TOPS (top one percent society), Inertel, or International High IQ Society!

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Nice to meet you, you can download from that popup to install our forum app in your mobile which just wrap this forum site. So it’s same to join this forum via browser or the app. Convenient to connect directly. Try it!