Journey to becoming No. 1 in World Genius Directory

I am currently actively involved in the high IQ world. Those of you reading this may already have some information about me. I belong to or be the leader of some reputable IQ groups.

The reason I first got into the high IQ world was to study English. While I was wondering how to study English in a “fun” way, I thought that if I participated in the high IQ world, my English would improve even more.

The first place I joined the high IQ group was Mensa. Mensa is also famous in South Korea as a global high IQ society. Most people who are interested in high IQ and have high IQ have taken the Mensa test and signed up for Mensa.

What I learned after joining Mensa was that Mensa members didn’t seem to care much about the topic of high IQ. Their purpose was to need a friend. I wasn’t interested in making friends. At that time, my interest was the high IQ itself.

So, I was interested in a high IQ, and after joining Mensa, I naturally intended to find a group with a higher IQ than Mensa. The easiest group to find was the IQ groups of Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis. At the time, Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis was famous in South Korea, and the IQ groups he created were easy to find. Then, I joined some of his groups including Olympiq Society.

Next I was interested in the IQ groups created by Ronald K. Hoeflin. He was famous for the Mega Society. I tried to join the Mega Society and finally succeeded. I joined all his IQ groups I could join.

Lastly, World Genius Directory (WGD). A South Korean with Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis was once featured in media articles. I wanted to list my IQ score on WGD and finally I could be number one on WGD in 22 02 2022.

This is my high IQ story. In the future, I plan to write various articles about high IQ. I hope you get a lot of attention.


You’ve got an acceptable point on Mensa’s community they’ve assembled, I feel like they’re for relationships rather than collaboration. Overall, what an intriguing story, I’ve got similar interests in human intelligence as you. The human brain is the most complex object in the known universe. We can all hope for the betterment of humanity to advance this field either in biological intelligence or artificial intelligence.

P.S. Your typed English is very eloquent & polished, it seems even slightly better than native English people I’ve came across.


Thanks for reading my article. What do you think about the singularity of intelligence? Will there be an intelligence explosion? This means the appearance of strong artificial intelligence. I haven’t been able to give an answer to this yet. This would only be possible if the laws of nature allow it. In other words, the laws of nature will already know whether it is possible or not.

PS. Thank you very much for your compliment. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s hard to answer that question since I’ve not researched enough on this topic. There’s a lot of speculation on the timing of this occurring & the feasibility of AGI becoming what we deem “intelligent”. But theoretically, it can happen, posing unforeseeable consequential effects on humanity’s technological development. This hypothetical machine, which hopefully would mean significantly improving technology, health, resources, and overall prosperity for all in a trivial amount of time. Human conundrums can be trivial to this machine. There are a lot of downsides to this technology (i.e., ethics that we should pursue in determining how an AGI is composed). It is ultimately the corporations that are most likely going to maintain the authority to make this singularity occur in this century. Hopefully, they will handle the ethics problems exceptionally efficiently.

Thank you for this question.

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I believe (and hope) that we will develop intellect enhancement tools for ourselves sooner than independent strong AI. Ancient sci-fi writers could picture a croud of androids digging a pit, but instead, we use an excavator with a single human operator. Ordinary googling allows us find information faster than with the help of an AI assistant. Relational databases allow businessmen to account for thousands of their customers. We just need to make one more step further and learn how to manage more general knowledge.