Kim's Intelligence Test (KIT) - High Range IQ Test

Kim’s Intelligence Test - 1

Kim’s Intelligence Test (KIT-1) is a verbal associations high range IQ test developed by YoungHoon Kim in 2022. Please send your answers to, along with your full name, nationality, age, gender and all prior I.Q. scores. Valid answers are single words, and you can send one answer per question. Scoring fee is “free” of charge if you join the IQ Olympiad Forum. KIT – 1 supports two attempts and raw score will be reported in both of them according to the current norm.


Are there more requirements in this test?

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Hello Hoao. For now, the requirements written there would be enough. Are you going to try this test?

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Absolutely will.

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May I have my score on KIT-1 iq test

Will grade within a week. Thank you.

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Thank you!

Trimis de pe iPhone‑ul meu

I just submitted my answers for the KIT-1!

Just received my score, 20/30. Is it possible to obtain a certificate for this test?


Thanks I’m sending my answers in. Are scores confidential or will they be published?

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I sent in my answers on May 14th. I am not sure what the average time to score is, but if you could, please e-mail my results. (BTW, enjoyed the test).

Hello, I submitted my answers on the 9th of June.
When can I expect the results?